Ryan planned an event for his command for members and their plus one to attend a hockey game tonight.  We've known about it for weeks.  We set up the babysitter and were psyched to have a night out just the two of us.  I know you are thinking a hockey game doesn't sound very romantic but Ryan loves hockey and beer.  I love beer and the brawls.  You can see this was heaven sent :)  Well, then we had to get new plates on our car.  We have dragged our feet  getting the plates  and finally had to get them because our other plates expired broke down.  Well, they were unexpectedly expensive- they cost over $200!  I frantically tried to find away to make that work in our budget and we kept coming up short.  It was settled-  I couldn't go to the game because we couldn't pay the babysitter.  Bummer!

Fast forward to today where I start planning on our bills for the next pay period.  And I "found" money I didn't know we had.  Want to know what that "found" money was?  That would be the extra cash that disappeared into thin air when I subtracted wrong. Umm... hello?  Subtraction is like first grade math right?  Oh boy.  I could have gone to the game but we had already cancelled with our babysitter.  Blah.

Now Ryan is off enjoying the hockey game while I dream of another day for just me and him...

Off to play with the kids before bed :)



Haha :)  Yup, our house got hit with the stomach virus making the rounds.  First, Kyler got it on Sunday.  It was pretty awful but he handled it like a champ.  Monday morning he woke up happy as could be.  Everyone else was feeling great so I thought that was it.  Fast forward three days later and Nolan and I are just starting to feel better.  Hubbie has escaped it and I am thankful for that.  He can be a bit of a wimp.  A-hem. I love you, Ryan :)

Anyhow, I am alive and hope to have some fun stories for you in the future.
Have a great day!