Jute Covered Wooden R

Did you check out that title?  Umm... yes I am that creative.  Please someone tell me does it get any easier to come up with a title?  Eeek..

So I thought I would show you something I did the other day.  A few months ago I bought one of those wooden letters at Michael's on clearance.  I didn't have a place in mind for it but just thought I would find a spot for it.

The first thing I did was spray paint it everyone's favorite Heirloom White...

 I totally did not like the color.

Say what?  Please telll me I am not the only one?? Well, even if I am I have to say that I bought like four cans of this stuff because everyone talked about how much they loved this color and it looked like the perfect shade of white on my monitor.  But in person it was just too creamy for me.  Anyhoo...

I dug my R out and also pulled out some jute. I started wrapping without gluing like so...

Please lean left...
I just then continued wrapping my R until it was completely covered in jute.  I will not lie.  There are some wonky parts.  Wrapping R's are hard!!  Now if you are a R wrapping genius you can send me an email and let me know in private ;)

So I decided I needed a little sumpin sumpin for the largest bump the top left hand corner. I wanted to make a flowery type bow for my R.  So here is what I did...

Cut out a square of fabric with pinking shears to hopefully reduce fraying in the future.
The colors aren't looking quite right here but it is pretty :)
Then I flipped the fabric over and used a pencil eraser to create a swirl in the fabric.  Remember when you were little and would tie-dye tshirts?  How you would use a pencil eraser to twirl the fabric and then put rubber bands to hold the shirt together? Please tell me I am not the only one... Anyone?  Well, that is what I did to the flower.

Twirl the fabric

Once the fabric was twirled I grabbed the back and held the swirl in place. Because I was flying by the seat of my pants I clipped it in place with a clothespin while I got some needle and thread.

Temporarily held in place with a clothespin.

I used needle and thread to sew a few stitches in the back to keep the flower/bow in shape.  Then I stuck a pin in the back to attach it to the letter R.  I didn't want to use hot glue because I want to have options to change out the fabric if I ever decide to move it.  So here is the finished product...

Letter R's new home... (Pretend there is something in that frame :) )

Close Up

Alright well there you have it.  My first crafty endeavor.  And a sort of tutorial.  Haha :)  Do you like the twine ball on the candle stick?  Hubbie did that one day and I just left it.  I like looking at it and knowing he does notice things :)  Have a great weekend everyone! 

And just so you know I cannot get this last bit out of my caption box. I realize it is like this.  But I don't know how to change it and I'm tired of fighting with Blogger tonight.

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