Our House

I thought since we have a new computer that I can upload pictures on I would show you my house :)  I have lots of to dos and not many dones but I love working on it with my sweet hubbie :)

Our House, November 2009
I would love to have different colors on the exterior but that is a long ways away.  This fall we plan to move those bushes to either side of the house (along the fence line) and just have flower beds in the front. Although they will probably be more like mulch beds because I have a hard time keeping things in the front alive. :) I mean really please someone clue me in on an attractice plant that will survive all day in the scorching sun and doesn't require water much maintenance :) I mean is that a tall order or what?

Ummm... moving on...

Here is my living room, with a view into our eat in kitchen.  Take note of our builders grade wall color,
carpet, vinyl tiles and cabinets. :)

Here is a picture of our entryway.  I fell in love with our angled staircase on first sight ;)

To the right of the entryway is our dining room.  They already had crown molding and a chair rail.  But with boring off white/cream wall color, gross berber and an outdated chandy this room needs help!

To the left of our entryway is an extra room.  We use it as our playroom.  Looks inspiring, no?

And finally our first floor half bath.

So, there you have it... I'll try and update you on what we have accomplished since moving in last Novemeber.

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