Fall Wreath a la Wally World

Good Morning All!!  Hope you are having a great Wednesday.

I took the summer wreath down off of my front door last week and every day since then I have longed for a beautiful fall wreath to replace it.  It did not help matters that my neighbors two doors down had a nice, full wreath hanging on their front door.  It taunted me as I drove by...  "Don't you wish you had a pretty wreath on your ugly, plain, old door?Well you CAN'T!" {sticks tongue out at me}. {Does anyone else ever feel like that?}

I had looked in Dollar Tree for some foliage but really didn't see anything I liked.

And then I went to Wal-mart.

They had the Better Homes and Garden Brand grapevine wreaths for $3.50!! I thought that was a great deal and I snagged one of those.

Then I looked at the faux flowers.  The selection was definitely not as big as Michael's but the prices were great.  I got two bunches of Better Homes and Garden flowers for $5.00 each.  I was sooo excited.

One Bunch of Flowers

I did not take pictures of my process but basically just stuck things where I thought they looked good.  I used a little bit of floral wire (which I already had on hand) but mostly just hooked the stems through the wreath.  I like doing it this way because I can change anything I want down the road easily. Here she is in all her glory...

I added the wooden Welcome sign after I hung it on the hanger.  It is not attached.

A close up of some of the flowers.

And one more for good measure :)
So what do you think? I think it looks pretty good from the street and I am happy with it so it is all good.  Plus for $13.50 you cannot beat that.  Really, I only used one bunch of flowers because I prefer leaving some of the grapevine wreath exposed so truly this wreath only cost $8.50.  I used the other bunch in that pitcher in my dining room.  I love all the warm fall colors it brings to the space.

And because he has FINALLY started smiling (sort of) at the camera here is my Bubby...
Bubby loves him some Thomas!!
So what about you?  Do you have wreaths on your front door?  Any other fall decor out yet? Do you stalk your neighbors' front doors?

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  1. Julie, your wreath is lovely!! I need something new this year for my front door. You did a great job. Thanks for the visit. :)

  2. Think this looks great - very festive and welcoming!

  3. I love a fall wreath on a front door and yes, I most definitely stalk other people's front doors :)

  4. Very nice! Love the hanger and the wooden Welcome sign. It makes the whole door decor unique and special.


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