My Weekend..

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was amazing :)

We went to the Naval Air Show on Saturday with friends and it was spectacular.  All of my boys had so much fun watching the planes do dives, loops and corkscrews.  The jets were so loud I could FEEL the noise.  You know what I mean?

Beside the airplanes they also had a grounded Fed Ex plane you could walk on and military boats, etc. Of course Nolan LOVED the guns.  Seriously...

There was also a Jeep Exploration Area where you could test drive new Jeeps, climb a rock wall and the kids could test drive Jeep Power Wheels. So cool..

Nolan trying to "parallel park"... his words not mine ;)
Here are some photos of the planes...

Sneak Attack

Mission Accomplished!

This is SO cool!  Thumbs up!

Go NAVY! (haha... shameless I know)
And here we all are after a looong day...

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