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I mentioned a few days ago how simple it was to recreate my own header by using Beth's Scrapblog Tutorial.  Well I also updated my signature.  I have never been a huge fan of what I had before- the tag with the butterfly.  It always looked off to me.  I like what I have now much better. I feel like it ties into my header. Once again I used Scrapblog to help me create it.

After I made my signature, I saved it in the program and published it.  Then exported the image and saved it my computer. {Tell me is that totally confusing?} Clarification HERE. I just found a video tutorial on Beth's site on how to use Scrapblog.  It is about halfway down the post.

Once it was on my computer I uploaded the image onto Photobucket. I sized my signature to 125x125. Then I turned to Kevin & Amanda to help me out. They explain how to add your already created signature to your blog. They make updating your blog so easy. 

Step by step.


Big red circles and large arrows detailing how to get er done.

Trust me I so need all of the above.  Here you can find how to add a signature to every post on your blog.

If you look around they also have free fonts and other cool tutorials on how you can bling up your blog.  Looking around you can see I have NOT taken advantage of that.  Haha :)  Perhaps one day?

Good Luck!

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