A Crown Update

Hi Everyone!  Sorry it has taken me so long to post about the crown molding/moulding my Hubbie put up weeks ago but things have been a little hectic here.  First off, Ryan left over a week ago for his first deployment in years!  The days leading up to his departure were crazy with us trying to accomplish everything he needed to do in the house before he left, packing for six months, trying to tell me how to fix a leaky toilet or catch a mouse {you know just in case} and spending as much family time together as possible.  We have now officially made it past our first week and I am relieved to say we have achieved a rhythm that makes just having me and the boys in the house work.  On top of all this deployment chaos, the three of us have been battling evil, nasty colds since Hubbie left. Nolan finally beat his fever but has been left with a runny nose and a gross cough.  Poor little Kyler is still trying to get his fever down.  And I am left with a runny nose that never ends.  Beautiful, huh? :)

Well, the other day I tried to take pictures of the crown molding and it is kind of difficult.  I am in no way an experienced photographer.  I just pretty much point and shoot.  But I still try to do my best.  I am sorry that these were the best I could get.  Hopefully, you will get the idea and focus on how gorgeous the molding/moulding is and NOT how bad my pictures are.  And to top it off I don't have the during pictures to show you.  Bad me for not taking pictures of Hubster hanging all this molding/moulding.  But because I promised I would share and because I think he did a awesome job I will share my less than stellar pictures with you anyhow. Here are a few random pictures that show the crown completed.

The Charming Anthony DiNozzo {we are faithful NCIS fans}

This corner gives the the best view of the pieces coming together.  You can also see how my husband has installed the surround sound for our new BluRay player.  I was told it was a necessity ;) And to give credit where credit is due my husband hung the speakers but had a friend who is a licensed electrician run all the wires.

 So there you have it.  My craptastic pictures.  But I hope you get the idea.  The crisp white of the crown sets off the room so nicely.  It makes my heart go pitter patter and I am anxious to install crown in the rest of the house.  In this picture you can see the kitchen in the background.  Our whole kitchen is painted a neutral tan but then our bumpout is a beautiful green.  I think it is going to look fantastic with crown molding.
can you see it in there??? 
Sorry about that view. I tried taking a better picture but our kitchen has bright, blaring sunlight in the morning and I cannot get any pictures to turn out.  However, I will take some later today and post about our kitchen next time. 

 And just because I think my little Bubby is adorable- here he is with is Daddy before deployment...{And I apologize in advance for my annoying voice}

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