Filling in a Hole Part 2

I win points for originality, right? :)

When I last left you we were here...

And I'm pretty sure this little hottie hubbie of mine was doing a great job :)

Now once he sanded the dry wall smooth, Ryan primed and then painted the enitre wall.

And here is another action shot...

Ryan is threading the wires for our surround sound and other electronics through so once the TV was mounted we wouldn't see any wires.  Make a note that you need special wires for anything in the wall.  I didn't know that.  But yeah you do :)

And here is the final money shot... The TV mounted on the wall with small cubbie for front middle speaker and other necessities like the DVR and Wii :)

And a close up of  the electronic cubbie...

Yeah baby!  I am so proud.  It looks fabulous.  We are thinking of using a thin molding {still think it should be moulding} around that outer edge of the nook to finish it off.  What do you think? To mold {mould} or not to mold {mould}??

Coming up next.... Crown molding :)

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