Hockey Basics

I just want to share some love for my little Buttonnose!!  Today was his last session of Learn to Skate and he was AMAZING!  It was if everything he has learned over the last eight weeks clicked.  He was doing glides, dips and swizzles better than he has done them before.  His teacher Miss Erin was so impressed she asked the Hockey basics Coach to watch and see if he was ready to move up next session...

He's moving up!!  I am so proud of all his hard work :)

Here are some pictures of my sweet boy in action...

Daddy helping Nolan with his skates for his first lesson in Novemeber
Waiting for the Zamboni to finish
Getting a pep talk
Out on the ice for the first time
Nolan had to be helped stand up

Now here was Nolan skating two weeks ago

And if you are still with me there's one more :)

And because I am not all there lately I completely forgot the camera today.  I was pretty mad at myself because he was doing so much better.  Oh well, I guess I will remember it next weekend on his first hockey lesson :)

Oh and I cleaned my kitchen today so I should be able to take some pictures of the kitchen and put a post together on what we have done already and what we still plan to do :)

Thanks for putting up with this proud Momma as I bragged about my son.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. :)

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