Conversations with Nolan

Nolan is very curious about death and what happens when we go to heaven.  We usually have these conversations on our way to or from school.  This afternoon Nolan asked why some boys and girls don't have mommies and daddies.  He asks in such a way it makes me wonder if he heard this somewhere or is just guessing and wants me to clarify.  For example, today he said, "Mommy, some kids don't have mommies and daddies... Right?"  When I told him that was true he wanted to know why.  The only reasons I can think of are not reasons I want him to dwell on- death and inability to care for the child.  But he asked so I lightly touched on it emphasizing that it gives the children a chance to be cared for by another family.  This led to discuss adoption.  It was easy to describe how Brodie (our dog) had his own mommy and daddy but we had adopted him as a puppy and he was now part of our family.  Somewhere in this conversation Nolan started talking about Heaven and what it would be like there, who we would see and how we would pay for our groceries there.  He thought maybe God had all the money and lent it out to us so we can buy our food.  It was so cute but also difficult.  How do I explain to my four year old what Heaven is like when I've never been there?  The last thing Nolan said to me during this conversation was he hoped he never went to Heaven because he wanted to stay on Earth with me for a long time :) He segued into how much rain we got today... I love my sweet little boy!

Time for lunch.  Talk to you soon.

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