I made a Header!

YAY! I am so proud of myself! When I first created this blog I just used the boring layout that Blogger offered for free but I hated it. I wanted something that had some pizazz. I do not have the money to spend for some computer proficient bloggy designer to get my blog all decked out so I had to make the most of what I had. First and foremost, I had recently read a blog that talked about Scrapblog and how awesome it was.  It's a virtual scrapbooking site where slackers like me can make scrapbook pages for free.  You can opt to spend money on it if you want but I was able to do some cute stuff without spending a dime.  It was super easy.  Beth at The Stories from A to Z gives us the scoop on Scrapblog ANNND has a full tutorial if any of you are interested.  Pretty sweet :) Little ole me is not in the way of giving instructions on anything.. HA!  I had to reference Beth's post like eighty times just to figure out how to use Scrapblog and get it onto my computer. 

Anyhow, that's all done.  I told my husband about this blog and he gave me the crazy eyes.  I have been reading blogs for about a month now and it is starting to border on obsession.  These women are so crafty, so creative and on top of it they are super nice about sharing their ideas.  I will tell you my favorites in another post.  (Beth from above is definately a fave of mine :)  But, hubbie just smiles when I show him all the ideas I want to implement in our house.  God love him.  He puts up with this :)  But after I explained how this could keep him connected to us when he is gone and give our families an oppurtunity to see what it is like down here he agreed it was a good idea.  Can you believe it?  He thought me blogging was a good idea... funny hubbie :)

It's snacktime...

Talk to you soon!

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