Hi Everyone! I'm Julie. I started this blog because I want a way to stay connected to the hubs when he deploys. My husband, Ryan is in the USN and has been on his shore rotation for the past three years and now is headed back to sea. He will be on staff duty come April and is set to deploy before the end of the year. Oh joy.

We have two sons, Nolan, 4, and Kyler, 1, and a dog Brodie. We just purchased our first house in Northeastern North Carolina and are trying to make it our home. You know what that means- we want to paint, furnish and update. Yup, you heard that chorus- money, money, mon-ey... monnneeeeeeeeey! Haha :)

Plus, all our relatives live far away and I hope they can feel like they are a bigger part of our lives.

I am starting the blog now because I am hoping to get into the swing of things now so by the time hubbie leaves it will be second nature to blog about what has been happening in our lives. Also, (and maybe this is wishful thinking) after Ryan is deployed maybe he can look back on the times we spent together when he misses us...

If only hubs was a sentimental pile of mush like me that might happen :)

Talk to you soon.

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