Our Weekend

These past few days have been wonderful... I LOVE long weekends :)  Anytime I get to have the hubs at home with me and the boys is perfection.  This past Saturday Hubbie turned 29 so we went out to dinner with some friends at Outback.  That was sooo his choice.  Our family has a tradition that on your birthday you have a special birthday dinner. It's always at home.  The birthday boy or girl can pick the meal, sides and dessert of their choice.  Ryan picked a steak from outback :(  But he was the birthday boy so I went along with it.  I'm so sweet like that.  We also had homemade birthday cake which right now is calling to me from the cake stand in the kitchen... Juuuuliiiieeee, come eeeeaat meeee.... Haha :) It is so yummy. 

Then yesterday we had friends/old neighbors come for lunch and it was so nice to see them again and catch up.  Before we bought our house we lived in military housing and they lived right across the street.  We hung out a whole lot.  There were Friday night dinners together, working out at the Y, playdates, cornhole and more.  It was so nice to catch up and show off our house at the same time :)  My friend can sew so I was showing her the first curtain I made and she couldn't even tell I didn't sew it!!  (I used stitch witchery) It was fun showing a new pair of eyes what we wanted to do in the house- from simple painting to the more complicated moving a doorway :)  Fun times :)

Plus, this weekend we made a major breakthrough in our fabric/paint selection for the kitchen.  Makes me sooo happy (sung like an angel)!!  The scoop? Ok here it is because I am desperate to share I know how much you want to know. We painted our downstairs half bath Olympic's Misty Surf. Yes, we picked our paint for the half bath AND the dining room without picking fabric.  Let's just say YIKES! We are having a bit of an issue with that... Well, the first fabric I picked out was a brown and misty surf-y color paisley.  Which I had picked out at Joann's after walking through the fabric section, holding paint chips and muttering to myself for about an hour.  All the while Kyler was pulling bolts of fabric off the shelves.  He only looks sweet and innocent.  Anyhoo, once I got the fabric home Ryan told me it looked too dark in the space and more formal than what we were looking for.  POP!  My bubble deflated pretty quickly.  But instead of hanging it, I let the fabric sit in the window for a month bit and realized the Hubs was right.  We went to Joann's again over the weekend and picked out a gorgeous fabric for the half bath.  Don't worry I will show you when the curtain is finished.
What does this have to do with the kitchen you wonder?  Well, we decided to use the same fabric in the kitchen.  I know, I know it could be too much but I really don't think so.  The fabric is just so beautiful.  And the spaces will have different colors on the walls so they will feel different, just share the same fabric.  Am I convincing you? I will show you pictures when it is finished.  I promise :)  Because we picked the fabric we now settled on two colors for the kitchen.  A sandy beige on the main walls and a beautiful green in the breakfast nook.  Again, I will show pictures :)

Side note: Yesterday, I was in the kitchen getting lunch ready for our guests to arrive(homemade Tuscan Chicken Stew) YUMMY.  Ryan had taken Nolan to Walmart to pick up some last minute things and Kyler was at home with me.  Kyler got into the triple paste and smeared it all over his blocks, face and even in his mouth.  This kid is going to be the glue eater in his class I can just tell.  He loves that paste like consistency.  He got into the triple paste yesterday and he has also been into the spackle several times!  We had the covered spackle in the guest room on the floor with the door closed firmly.  He had houdini-ed himself into the room and opened(!!) the spackle and helped himself to a taste.  The first time he did it I thought he had spit up because it was around his mouth.  But when I tried to wipe it up it wouldn't come off with just a bib.  I needed a washcloth to scrub his face.  What a little schnitzel.  :)
Sorry if this post got a little long winded but I had a lot to share :)
Talk to you soon.

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