Hide and Seek

I have been meaning to write this post since last week!  Everytime I have thought to write this I have put it off until later and well, here we are a week later...

Last week on our way to school Nolan and I had this conversation:

Nolan:  "Mommy, I stand in the corner and count but when I turn around Kyler is STILL standing there.  He just won't go and hide!"

Me:  "Well, Kyler doesn't understand how to play.  He's not old enough."

Nolan: (turns to Kyler) "Kyler, when I stand in the corner and start counting you need to go and hide and then I'll come find you.  Then it's my turn to hide."

Me: Heart Melting...

I love my sweet boys.  It is moments like these were I can forget the times where Kyler whacks Nolan in the head with a golf club and Nolan growls at him.  Life with boys.

Last thing I want to tell you is today Nolan volunteered to help me unload the dishwasher.  It was so sweet.  My little helper.  Where will I be in the fall when he is off to kindegarten?

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