Love and Marriage...

We were blessed this weekend with some warmer weather... mid 50s... ahhh... Not quite warm enough but after the freezing cold winter we are experiencing here in North Carolina it was heaven!  We were able to work in the front yard, work on projects, play with neighbors and rock out to awesome music :)  It was so nice.  The kind of weekend where the kids are finally in bed and you sit down and realize it's the first time you've rested all day long.  A few weeks ago I had dumpster dived and scored a nice little side table.  I planned on painting it white and using it in the guest room to hold my sewing machine.  Tres chic, no? 


Anyhow, it needed to be sanded down first- it was a nasty dark wood- and I put the first eight coats of white on... I was impatient and didn't prime.  To be fair to me I didn't have primer but oh well...  So I am painting and Nolan is digging in  helping me with the front garden and we have the following conversation:

Nolan: "Mommy how do you get someone to marry you?"
Me:  "You ask someone.  Daddy asked me to marry him and I said yes."
Nolan:  "So if I wanted to marry Christina I would have to ask her."
Me: slooowly "Yes.  But the person has to say yes.  If you ask and they say no then you don't get married."
Nolan:  "What if everyone in the world gets married except me?"

Is your heart breaking?  Mine melted into a puddle right there.  I assured Nolan that he will get married one day and not to worry.  Why is my four year old concerned about these issues that are decades away?  My little man :)  Oh and just so you know Christina is Nolan's little friend from preschool.  They have had a handful of playdates and always seem to want to play doctor.  Oy vey...

Well, I am all tuckered out from our busy weekend and I want to head to bed and curl up with a good book.  HP is calling my name...

Talk to you soon.

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