Long Weekend

Let's discuss how awful I am coming up with the titles for my posts.  How can I make long rambles about everyday activities sound awesome?!  Apparently I cannot.  Moving on...

Because of President's Day we have had an extra day to our weekend.  YAY!  We ran our errands on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning and have hung out at home the rest of the time. Love hanging at home. :)  So, we went to Lowe's Friday afternoon- did I mention that's our second home? Seriously, we love it there! And they were clearancing out chandeliers and such from last year to make room for this years model.  Let me just tell you we lucked out because last years model is SOOO much nicer than the new junk they have.  So because we could not pass these savings up we picked some of those bad boys up.  We got a 5 arm chandy for the dining room, a 3 arm chandy for the breakfast nook and a pendant light for over the kitchen island and that cost us under $150!!  I know right?  How could we pass that up?  So, Ryan hung up the chandelier in the dining room on Saturday and hung the other two up on Sunday.  They look so beautiful!  It is amazing the difference they make.  Before we had builders grade nickel finish light fixtures.  Not the worst( hey it wasn't gold!) but it just wasn't our style.  We knew it was on the list for down the road but the clearance called to us :)  Let me tell you, Ryan struggled to get the 3 arm up in the breakfast nook.  He just hit one problem after another.  But he kept working and finally got it up.  I won't shame him by telling you how long it took him(it was hours not minutes)  but it was worth it and I'm sooo appreciative!  What better Valentine's Day present could a girl ask for but a super handy hubbie that cares about these projects as much as I do?  Well, besides a beautiful arrangement of flowers.  But don't worry he got me that too :)   It's funny because now I am motivated to get other things on our list done so they are up to snuff with the lights.  Isn't funny how it snowballs?  You update one thing and something else glares at you as if to say, why don't I look that nice... :)
The boys were thrilled because Hubbie got them some yummy sugar cookies for Valentine's Day.  I sampled three some and they were so good.  You know the kind of good where you just KNOW they are filled with sugar?  That good :)

Unfortunately, now Ryan is on his deathbed.  He still has not gotten out of bed.  I think he picked up what the boys had but in true Ryan fashion.  Translation?  He has it worse!  I am just hoping he feels better soon enough to at least get out of bed.  Well, I am going to work on some curtains for the bedroom.  Yup, the ones I finished I am still working on those bad boys :)

Talk to you soon!

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