My Boys

Let me just preface this blog post by saying I love both of my boys very much.  I wouldn't trade them for anything!  However, sometimes I have to pray for patience instead of strength because they just KILL ME :)  Nolan was the sweetest, easiest baby ever.  Sure he threw the world's worst tantrums in public places and loved to bite- but what child doesn't right? :)  Nolan is kind and wants to please.  He makes my heart so happy whenever I look into his sweet face.  You can just see it in his eyes.  I love that :)  Kyler is also sweet as can be but there is something different about him...  Yup, the boy has a michievous streak a mile wide and he's cute to boot.  Kyler just gets into things and when I find him with triple paste smeared on his face or sticking his hands in the dog bowls I can't help but think how adorable he is.  How horrible is that?  I should be firm and tell him no and redirect him to a more appropriate activity.  And I do all those things but first I can't help my smile. 

So this morning I called Ryan after he sent what I thought was an urgent text- apparently he just wanted to chat- and went upstairs to make my bed.  Nolan comes upstairs carrying the windex, pledge and cleaning water bottles.  He informs me that these are things he has taken from Kyler who has pulled them out from under the sink in the kitchen.  I know, I know I should have safety latches on our cabinets buuuut... we didn't have to do that with Nolan and we just haven't gotten around to doing it with Kyler.  Don't judge me :) I tell Nolan to put them away, thank him for letting me know (he is a great helper!) and I will be down in just a minute.  No sooner does Nolan leave the room but Kyler comes in with a big wet spot on his shirt.  I figure that he has been drooling like crazy and just try to finish up the bed.  The next thing I know he is running in and out of our bathroom saying, "Uh, Uh."  His favorite word by the way. I think it's cute as he smiles at me then runs back in and tries to weigh himself. It's hysterical watching my 18 month old stamp on the scale to activate it just like we do.  Man they watch EVERYTHING!! Then I hear our tub running... I get in there and Kyler just puts his hands over his eyes so he can "hide" from my disapproving glares.  As I turn off the water he darts behind me and sticks his hand in the toilet.  I rush to put the lid down and Kyler sticks his wet with toilet bowl water hand in his mouth!! Disgusting right.  Apparently not because Kyler runs away giggling.  As I chase after him the smell hits me.  It's not the smell of dirty diaper but the distinct odor of a cleaning product- windex!  That wet spot was windex?  You bet your bippie.  Aww, Kyyyllllerrrrrr!  It just kills me.  My sweet baby is just a little pain in the bootie sometimes :)

Now, my mom is stressing me out because I should call posion control.  AGHHHH!!

Ok, called posion control and Kyler is ok. :)

Time to get locks on the doors.

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